Chetan Dube: The Spring of AI - ChatGPT

February 15, 2023 00:35:46
Chetan Dube: The Spring of AI - ChatGPT
Chetan Dube: The Spring of AI - ChatGPT

Feb 15 2023 | 00:35:46


Show Notes

Amelia.AI Founder and CEO Chetan Dube joins us again on the podcast, this time for a discussion of the meteoric rise of generative AI tool ChatGPT. Mr. Dube explains what ChatGPT can do well, and the scenarios in which you would not want to use it. He explains that even in the last 30 days, this tech has improved exponentially - with its open and free use enabling its data points and resources to increase and expand with lightning speed.

Chetan Dube is the founder of New York City-based AI company Amelia, a deterministic model AI whose conversational technology provides customer service for about 500 corporate clients, including Telefonica, BNP Paribas, and Nordic Bank.


Discussion Points


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